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7L4IOUSingle Op 6MThe antenna was a Dipole (and IC-7100) this time. but I enjyoyd it. Thanks for the wonderful contest!
9A6ASingle Op 6MQTH Island Hvar, EU016 400m asl RIG: ICOM 7300 Ant: 5 el Yagi
9A7ZZSingle Op 6MIC-7000 & 5 el.( DK7ZB)
AA8TASingle Op 6MMade two local contacts, otherwise no beacons heard and no other activity. DXMaps showed activity around here but I guess my low-to-the-ground halo is not up to the task
AB0CDSingle Op QRPGreat fun. First time from QTH. Did Hilltopper in the past. IC-7300 and my $4 PVC supported dipole on a painter's pole (antenna was a wad of red Radio Shack hook-up wire). Next time? Maybe a Moxon or a small beam. AND QRP! 72
AE5FMSingle Op 6MFirst CQ Contest
AF1TSingle Op AllNo FT8, here. I thought phone activity seemed low on 2 Meters
AI4ICSingle Op 6MEverybody was on FT8, which is somewhat unfortunate, because it's plain wrong to have a program automatically send CQ and then reply to the 1st caller. Tried SSB and CW, but only got one SSB contact
AJ6TSingle Op 6MSix meter propagation was disappointing. No sign of the European signals that had been seen in the days prior to the contest. The rules regarding assistance were poorly written and confusing
AL1VESingle Op 6MBeautiful weekend weather-wise, not so beautiful on the 50 MHz. 9700' on Steens Mtn OR
BA4TBSingle Op AllVery frustrating,it seems there is no one on CW and SSB!
BG2KAJSingle Op 6MWell, A poor condx makes it less fun but I still enjoy the contest! Also glad to see more station take part in the contest!
DL3DXXSingle Op AllFT8 area full of stations all day long but CW/ssb empty - the end of classic ham radio
DL9NEISingle Op 6Mseemed like Ukrainian Contest to me
DV7BPQSingle Op 2MThank you and 73
EA1HRRSingle Op All73 TO ALL
EA8CTKSingle Op AllMuy malas condiciones
G3TXFSingle Op 6MFor me 'CQWW' usually means a fun weekend of It was a struggle to find anyone to work on CW or SSB. I'm still a bit queezy about using FT8 in a 'contest mode' when most people in the FT8 part of the band are not even aware there's a contest on. Let's stick to traditional modes (CW, SSB, RTTY) for main-stream contesting and then hold completely separate FT8 (or FT4) contests. Mixing the two is a bad idea
GM6NXSingle Op 6MYet again 6m conditions bomb out at the sight of a contest. 3rd time this season ! Usual EU stuff, no real DX at all
GW7APPSingle Op 6MNot much spare time between work and jobs round the house, but conditions seemed good particularly as I was only using a Yaesu FT991 at 50 watts and a 10MHz 1/4 wave vertical 10 feet above ground. Great fun, and the first VHF contest I've attempted since 1990!
HA4BFHilltopperFT-817ND, 6el ultralight yagi
HB9CICSingle Op 6MMost time nil propagation. Hope of much better score in next contests
HL3AMOSingle Op 6MAlmost no propagation to Japan
I4JEESingle Op 6MPoor propagation - almost absent -
IK7JNMSingle Op AllPoor Propagation...73 and tnx to all !!
IR9KMulti-OpBeautiful contest, the absence of propagation is in 2mt that in 6 mt it made us struggle a bit, but we had fun as always, see you next year 73s Pile UP Dx Team
IZ3NVRRoverDidn't have much time. Propagation was not one of the best. Lots of signals on FT8 segment but I was not setup to operate there
JA3YVIMulti-OpI enjoyed the contest
JA6WFMSingle Op 6MI enjoyed the international Six meters contest without FT8 but unfortunately QSOs were no DX but only JA,s. Will be try again next year hope to the condition will be good
JF3LGCSingle Op 6MVery few station at the contest. It's my first time with N1MM+ and WSJT-X
JH2GZYSingle Op 6MThanks 6m QSO
JH3DMQSingle Op QRPOATH : I swear using QRP5W out. ANT : 50MHz 8ELYAGI 15mH RIG : IC-7300M Power down
JH4PUSSingle Op 2MThank you for the wonderful contest! Thanks to the organizers for the wonderful contest, which every year is a great pleasure. Good luck! See you next year
JH7UJUSingle Op QRPFT817ND, 5watts. GP YAGI
JI2IXASingle Op AllI enjoyed the contest
JJ1HHJSingle Op AllRig: YAESU FT-847 50W
JN1OKVSingle Op QRPI enjoyed the contest
JO7FGZSingle Op QRPI enjoyed the contest
JQ1NGTSingle Op AllI enjoyed the contest
JR1BFZSingle Op 6MI enjoyed the contest
JR2AWSSingle Op 2MRIG: TS-790S ANT: GP
JR7DUTSingle Op AllI enjoyed the contest
K0JVSingle Op 6MHad fun but was disappointed that my usual opening to the south never materialized. Usually there are dozens of TX, AZ, NM, LA etc stations but not this weekend. Will do it again next year
K1RZSingle Op AllThanks to CQ for sponsoring this contest. Activity seemed very high in the northeast. Naturally 144 MHz was enhanced in the days immediately preceding the contest, which seemed to go away Saturday morning. But, with the high level of activity we were always busy working new stations. Thanks to those who roved (KK4BZ and K5ND), and and to those who went portable in relatively rare grids (WW2Y FN24 and W8ZN EM87). Thanks to CQ for sponsoring this contest. See you in the 222 and Up Distance Contest. 73, Dave K1RZ FM19jh
K2MTSSingle Op AllFirst time working CQ WW VHF. Nice 6 meter opening on Sunday afternoon allowed for some SSB contacts. Used a homebrew PVC 6M Moxon and 2M Diamond Yagi
K2SXSingle Op AllAt least, I had time to watch some golf, clean the shack and work on antennas. The openings were so short I probably missed a bunch of them but doubt it would have made any difference. About 15 minutes before the start of the contest called CQ and got answers from K7CNT and WA7JTM in DM25 and DM33. After that, very little heard and nothing west of Mississippi. Such is life in the bottom of the sunspot cycle
K2ZDSingle Op 6MPoor conditions & low activity on CW/SSB Only Modes


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