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4A2MAXMulti-OpGreat experience evaluating behavior of 6 meter band with friends -)
6E0JSingle Op 6MWorking on the annual event of our Radio Club on the middle of the beautiful Sierra Gorda Queretana
7E3EMulti-OpMany thanks to all stations who's made valid QSO with us, nice contest GL 73 de 7E3E 17072022
AA6XAHilltopperNot a lot of activity on 6m or 2m in the Bay Area. No openings, so I got bored after about two hours on the summit. Maybe next year will be better
AC2NSingle Op AllPoor conditions Sunday on 6M. Worked no one on 2m, still had fun
AD0HSingle Op 6Mlimited time, poor condx
AE3TSingle Op 2MUsed an indoor 5/8 wave vert GP and 50W just to give this a try
AG6XSingle Op AllSlow contest and one of the rare ones run from my home QTH instead of on a hilltop at 4900' ASL. Very slow as expected, mostly a 6 meter FT8 event, with about equal FM vs. SSB phone for the balance. Learned how awkwark it is to consolidate logs from different computers as well, so hopefully 'RY' and 'DIG' and 'FT8' all mean the same thing :-)
AL1VESingle Op 6MSlow activity from DN02 hampered by lack of any signals east of the Mississippi. It sure didn't help that I came down with COVID on the day before the contest. Didn't make for much fun sitting in my truck at 9700' for the next three days
BG2KAJSingle Op 6MSRY unable to rover this year, Condx not a good day for 6m&2m, So I gave all what I have. Anyway a good contest as ever
DH6DAOSingle Op Allfirst participation in this contest, whole weekend poor condx on 6
DJ3EISingle Op QRPJust became QRV on 6 M and used the contest to have some fun and gather experience. QRP station, simple loop antenna
E70AAHilltopperSadly, this contest is becoming the VHF version of the infamous WW DIGI Contest
EA3CXChecklogJust a checklog, 73
EC4AASingle Op QRPLocator: IN80gl Rig: YAESU FT-817ND Power: 5 w Antenna: Wire Dipole (sloped)
G0DDZSingle Op 6MYou can't work 'em if the band doesn't open
G1EMulti-OpAs always, an enjoyable weekend out playing radio :)
HG6ZMulti-Oppoints (191+100) x (64+63) =36957
IK3SWBSingle Op 6MVery bad propagation in JN66
IN3TWXSingle Op 6MHi, bad condx in Europe but made a few CW qsos and just felt I should submit my log. Here a few hundred watts and 7el yagi. Keep it going
IQ1LAMulti-Op144 40W IC706MK2G 5ELE YAGI 50 100W IC7100 3ELE YAGI
IT9CKASingle Op 6MPropagazione pessima per la Sicilia, pochissime stazioni in 50mhz, ottimo contest, solo 100watt Antenna 5 EL PKW e TS-2000
IZ5HQBSingle Op QRPQSO: 32 - POINTS: 30 - SQUARE: 26
JA1KPFSingle Op QRPRadio: YAESU FT-817ND Antenna: Mobile Whip
JA6WFMSingle Op 6MThe condition for DX was not so good on SSB/CW, and Appeared a Sporadic E for domestic however JA,s who were participating not many on the band, maybe on FT8 posible. finally only three QSO, but I'm happy to can send Log. see you next year
JA8CEASingle Op QRPI enjoyed the contest
JE2HXL/PSingle Op 2MI enjoyed the contest
JF1RYUSingle Op 2MI enjoyed the contest
JH4PUSSingle Op 2MI participated in the contest for the first time
JH7UJUSingle Op QRPFT-817ND Yagi
JH9DRLSingle Op AllI enjoyed the contest
JJ1WWLHilltopperI enjoyed the contest
JO6NZNSingle Op QRPI enjoyed the contest
JQ1NGTSingle Op AllI enjoyed the contest
K0KEXSingle Op 6MPropagation not good in North West Missouri
K0QEISingle Op 2Mlots of qsb on 2m, also not many people where on, i assume most were and stayed on 6m
K1BZSingle Op 6M150 Meter G5RV at 30feet, barefoot K3 wid tuner. /DL
K1DSSingle Op AllOnly 30 watts and a 6m dipole and 3 el 2m beam. Glad to be able to participate
K2AMISingle Op 6MWorst contest totals ever
K2OEQSingle Op AllRuning 50W to omni antennas at about 25 ft
K2ZRSingle Op 6MRIG: IC-7610 ANT: 5B HF TRAFFIE HEXBEAM @ 35' LOG:N1MM This was 1st ever VHF contest from home QTH. The IC-7610 gave me that opportunity. It was interesting. 73, Dick, K2ZR
K3DNESingle Op AllCQ: How about an 'Analog Only' category to promote more SSB/CW activity??
K3GDHilltopperHill Topper this year. It was a hot one
K3MDSingle Op AllCould only run 20W on 2 M due to TVI
K3TWSingle Op QRP'The best band opening on 6m CW was at the beginning of the contest.
K4WWSingle Op 6MFirst ever VHF contest
K5NDSingle Op AllGood conditions on 6 meters and on 2 meters Sunday morning
K5QEMulti-OpConditions were really bad this time. Very hard to work anyone


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