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W3DHJ/RRoverOld school: SSB & CW. The first two hours' score bested my 2015 and 2016 scores -- combined! My claimed-score: 23424 is the best since 2006. I never worked anyone in the grid I happened to be in. I hung in for the last "dead" 90 minutes for just one qso -- which was a dupe
W3RFCMulti-OpWhat a ride it was
W3RGA/MSingle Op AllWent out for about an hour Sun morning. Started in FN10 and was going to go to FN11 but didn't make it. No real antennas (ATAS-120a on 6M/SSB and SG7500a on 2M/FM)
W4AMPSingle Op AllGreat dx opening throughout contest
W7GLFSingle Op AllLots of fun playing with new FT8 mode
W8KSCHilltopperWorked portable from my back yard 10 watts (MFJ9406 transceiver) battery power on dipole strung in the trees
W8TNSingle Op 6MAll qso's were made with the new FT8 mode
W9SZHilltopperFun contest. Weather was perfect, no wind, just wish 6M had opened up more
WA4LDUSingle Op AllThe new digital mode FT8 seemed to dominate 6 meters
WA5MWDSingle Op QRPMobile only around the neighborhood. Lots of fun
WA7JTMHilltopperHilltopper QRP portable. Backpacked to SOTA summit W7a/mn-147 to put this summit on for the contest (and SOTA). Was lucky to catch a 6M opening to W5/W0 land on 6M. I only lasted four hours in the 100+f heat of the desert
WB6HYHSingle Op AllFirst time for me in this contest. It was a lot of fun. And it always is fun when 6 meters opens up. Looking forward to the next VHF contest
WB8WUASingle Op AllHad fun - the late evening had a good and calm distant opening on 2 meters. Unfortunately, no good opening occurred on the 6 meter band. - thanks
WB9TFHSingle Op AllMy best DX was DM12, San Diego CA, and a new grid. I had some good 6M short runs, seemed like activity was down, then again it's summer. Worked some rovers on 2 & 6 and not many 2M contacts around EN53, SE WIS. CU in Sept ARRL VHF. Thanks for the q's. 73
WB9WOZSingle Op AllMissed the 6M opening on Saturday, only worked 2.5 hrs on Sunday
WW7D/RRoverThis was a good one! The long story can be found at http://tinyurl.com/WW7D2017CQWWVHF
XE2NMulti-OpI just justification to share with my wife our common hobby ;-)
XE2NLMulti-OpGreat radio party with nuevo leon people!!!!
XE2PEASingle Op AllGreat event to share with many friends, great many time!!
YL3CAADHilltopperBackpacked to a location outside the city, got a few QSO with guys who were not contesting

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