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K2ZDSingle Op 6MPoor conditions & low activity on CW/SSB Only Modes
K3HXSingle Op AllQUIET ON 6 OR 2
K3JTSingle Op 6MGot in at the last hour! FT8 only
K3RWSingle Op 2M2m FT8 activity was busy for first two hours then very little heard afterward. 6m FT8 activity was busy very little SSB heard. 6m submitted as checklog
K3TWSingle Op QRP'It's now time for a separate CQ WW VHF Contest for those who operate the digital modes. Many of those stations missed the strong band openings on CW and SSB this year.'
K5EKSingle Op AllNice conditions Sunday afternoon
K5LYSingle Op 6MPoor conditions
K5ND/RRoverThis was a 2-grid rover operation with EM24 on
K5QEMulti-OpWe had a decent contest this time. We were way short of ops, but everyone seems to be scared of the stupid virus. After just about wiping us out in the June ARRL contest, Murphy stayed away this time
K5RXSingle Op 6MOnly CW & SSB - I prefer to hear what I work. Is that so wrong?
K5ZGSingle Op Allvery little cw or ssb operation. I gave up and operated ft8 for qsos..ugh shud have a category for mixed/no digital
K6LMN/RRoverI have spent 4 hours to get this correct to you!!!! Please recheck my entry I am new at this
K6RMSingle Op 6MHad a good time, but annoyed that there was virtually NO activity on CW OR ssb. Seems EVERYBODY has moved to FT8. So I did too. Thanks for the Qs
K7BWHChecklogThis is a check log because I used internet assistance. I drove to 6200' Fox Peak CN98vc to activate rare grid square CN98 for grid chasers. This is camping on a knob for three days in the Cascade Mountains in Eastern Washington near Lake Chelan and Wenatchee. Operation was almost entirely 6m FT8 with high power and 6m5 antenna. Although we're nearing the end of the skip season, we enjoyed very good band openings across the country. Best contact was with Edfel KP4AJ in Puerto Rico, 3600 miles
K7CASingle Op 6MGreat conditions. I was very surprised to be called by EA8DBM
K7EMESingle Op AllGreat fun with new club!
K7IUSingle Op AllBest time yet during a VHF contest with 6m openings throughout. Wish more folks would use SSB than digital and spend as much time on 2m as they appeared to do on 6m but overall had a lot of fun!
K7IWHilltopperFirst time participating in CQ WW VHF, but it's makes a great combination with Summits on the Air. Made several Summit to Summit contacts including some at nearly 100 miles easily
K7RESingle Op 6MBand was in very good shape at the beginning here, but faded into oblivion at the end of the contest
K7THUSingle Op AllHi OM, My first Log submission for a contest ever! This is my Cabrillo log from WSJT-X, not sure if it will work. Noted the comments about JT Alert, but got lost in the details. No problem if Log is invalid, don't want you to waste any time on it! 73, Tom K7THU
K7YDLSingle Op AllTried using on ly FT8 this contest
K8TESingle Op AllI handed out a few contacts when I had time to check 6m and heard someone calling. 73, Bill, K8TE
K9GYSingle Op AllLost reflectors on two beams due to winds and trying to put portable antenna up too high. Ugh... ordered new ones already!
KA0PQWSingle Op AllFun contest only wish six meters would have been better. Thanks for having it. 73 Matt ka0pqw
KA3ZLSSingle Op 6MHad fun operating the contest on a limited time frame. Band conditions on six meters during the day Saturday weren't all that good but Sunday afternoon things picked up and I was able to work out to the Midwest to pick up some well needed multipliers to help with the score. 73 de KA3ZLS
KA7RRA/RRoverI had fun in the contest
KA7YDFHilltopperHad fun with my son participating in CQ WW VHF
KB7MESingle Op AllAll Digi contest for me. Never made a FM/CW/SSB Qso
KB8USingle Op AllHad extended tropo to the southwest on 2m. Not many strong Es openings on 6m, but the weak openings were plentiful and geographically dispersed so there were seldom dead times
KC0VEPSingle Op 6MFirst time on the CQ VHF Contest & first time trying FT8. Think I did OK
KC2HZWSingle Op 6MMy first digital contest. A lot of fun!
KC4PXSingle Op 6MAfter many FT8 contacts finally found SSB during a nice band opening to Northeast which resulted in 50% SSB and 50% FT8 total Contacts. However I cannot understand why FT4 was not used. No real activity on 2 in EL98 so 100% was dedicated to 6 Meters. Previous week we had a great great opening to Alaska and Japan (finally worked my 6 Meter WAS) but no EU or JA's seen during the contest.A few CN and CM grids made it to EL98. Only real problem encountered was created by me.In the middle of the contest I wanted to change the color scheme with WSJT-X and JTAlert which resulted in no auto logging with VHF Contest Log by N3FJP. I spend an hour during the peak operating time trying to fix it. Stupid ME!!! With regards to FT4 can we get a VHF Contest that gives FT4 more activity points to increase activity?
KE4THSingle Op 6MNeeded Maryland and worked 4 Maryland stations in a row!
KE6GFISingle Op AllBrief double hop to the East - that was fun and exciting, KE6GFI
KF3GSingle Op 6MOperated from FM29jw. Thank your for the CQ World Wide VHF Contest
KG5EIUSingle Op AllFirst CQ Contest!!!
KG9ZSingle Op 6MHardly any CW activity
KI4USSingle Op Allnice openings on 6m. propagation kind of ruined using the yagi as stations were in from all directions
KI5CXOSingle Op 6MAt 15 I enjoy this! 73
KJ4LPISingle Op 6MFirst time to participate. Really enjoyed it. Glad 6M was open
KK4BZ/RRoverantenna=beam, equipment=IC746, comment=antennas were 6m moxon and 2m 3 element yagi, Thanks for the fun!
KK4ZUUSingle Op 6M1st CQ WW VHF, next time /R
KM4IAJChecklogNot much heard on the contest weekend
KM4KMUSingle Op AllFirst contest running FT8
KM5RGSingle Op AllSpotty propagation, Fast QSB. (Tough condx)
KM6ZJK/RRoverEnjoyed the contest. Happy with many 150-200 mile contacts with my mobile radio
KM8AMSingle Op 6M1st CQ WW VHF for me. Must say that FT-8 part of contesting is not for me. Nice for catching some grids, but like watching grass grow. But to each their own. Hope everyone had fun. Any day on the radio is a good day. 73, km8am
KQ2NSingle Op AllContest should be split into seperate contests: CW/PH and FT8
KV4ZYSingle Op AllCasual operating just for fun

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