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K5ZDSingle Op AllCould only find QSOs on FT8
K6LMN/RRover6m open to Pacific northwest on Saturday eve but dead on Sunday morning
K6OAKSingle Op 6MNice 6M opening Saturday night from the Bay Area to the Seattle - Vancouver BC area
K7BHMSingle Op 6MDecided to enter Contest on Sunday morning for a few hours. Surprised that 6 Meters was open. Thanks to all who gave me a point......Bob - K7BHM
K7IUSingle Op AllLousy conditions throughout most of the contest. And with my rotor stuck East it wasn't pretty
K8LFSingle Op 6MWas happy to assist KE4WMF Scott from our local radio club. Scott was a new 1st time rover.. Scott called with questions after his 1st day with no contacts. He started making FT8 contacts on Sunday after a couple of adjustments to his radio and FT8 settings. I missed out on the better conditions on Saturday as I was operating the NAQP RTTY. I only got in about an hour on VHF on Saturday. On Sunday the conditions were not good. I usually like to get about 50 QSOs in the log from any nation wide contest but ended up with only 38. All my contacts were on FT8. I tried FT4 a couple of times but never heard or had any answers from CQs. I tried to call a couple of SSB stations that I heard but never could get a response
KA0PQWSingle Op Allpritty much an ft8 contest. maybe you could have an analog category. Thanks 73 Matt ka0pqw
KD6EFQ/RRoverFun opening on Saturday p.m. allowed phone QSOs into BC WA OR ID and later towards east into NM TX. Portable antenna: loop on a modest mast used for 50MHz operations. 6m phone QSOs were quicker pace than FT8 and fun for contest ops. 2m ops constrained by other events
KD6HOF/RRoverRover in CM99,CM98,CM88
KE0MHJHilltopperFew hour operation, first time QRP. IC-705
KE1RSingle Op 6MVery few DX stations heard on 6m from Connecticut. Never saw Alaska
KG5EIUSingle Op 6MBands were spotty but still had fun!!
KN4SMSingle Op 6M50w out to 4 elm. @ 20 ft arm strong method of rotation
KO4HMBSingle Op 6MOperating portable from POTA park K-7839
KQ4KXSingle Op All6m - Kenwood TS-890 2m - Icom IC-9700 Antenna - Create CLP-5130-1N Log-Periodic @ 33' AGL
KS1GSingle Op 2M1st time I've entered this event. Used my HF OCF dipole on 6M, happy how well it worked
KV4ZYSingle Op AllCasual operating just for fun
KX7LSingle Op AllActivity seemed a bit lower than usual, but we did have a couple of nice openings, especially late on Saturday night into California. Thanks for the QSO's!
LY5WSingle Op 6MVery bad propagation
M1VPNSingle Op 6MPoor conditions, Low QSO count and my first CQ WW VHF Contest, but did enjoy the new contest
N0HJZSingle Op 2MSure wish more people would call on SSB/CW. Signals were great but no one was on
N0JKSingle Op 6MOnly had limited time to operate. Main goal was trying to work N7PHY DN67. Strong Es Sunday morning to Florida and Arizona on 6
N0LDSingle Op 6MEnjoyed some casual qsos!
N1SFESingle Op AllFirst VHF contest entering in mixed mode. Didn't hear much activity on 6 meter SSB or 2 meter SSB on Saturday. Picked up a few Q's on 50 and 144 SSB Sunday morning. All the rest of the Qs were made on 6 meter ft8. Was hoping the band was going to open on 6 Sunday afternoon, but it didn't seem to happen. It was a pleasant surprise to work N1JEZ in FN44 on 2 meters SSB!
N2SFSSingle Op 6MSix was open Saturday PM- after that deceased
N4DLASingle Op 6MPlease change this to a digital-only contest since most entrants in my area never get on voice or CW any more
N4QVSingle Op AllWow... Conditions were pretty bad here this year. Only made only 4 SSB contacts.. 2 on 6 meters and 2 on 2 meters. All of the rest was on FT8. I never saw any FT4! Lots of line noise this year as well. Hopefully conditions will improve for next year
N6ANSingle Op QRPTree People grounds, portable. KX3, 5 watts, 6 meter square loop at 10', 2 meter portable J-pole at 12'. Heard five beacons. Made six QSOs. Also heard N6AR in FL for best SWL DX
N6ICSingle Op 6MBeing in LAX and trying to work 6meters is hard low power with propagation poor but Sunday did open to Texas plus for a few
N6ZE/7Single Op AllMissed most of contest due to 1200 mile road trip on Friday/Saturday: but did manage a few QSO on Saturday night & Sunday morning. Most QSOs on FT8 low power with TV rabbit ears for 6m & KQ Mini Loop for 2m. No Es noted. Thanks to 'CQ' for sponsoring the Contest
N8KHSingle Op 6MHad problems with both vox and foot switch on USB. I really liked seeing a bunch of operators using CW and SSB during the first hour when 6m was wide open. FT8 is ok, but not when the band is wide open
N8WLSingle Op 6MBand Condx were awful! Each QSO was a struggle
N9TFSingle Op 6MStill putting the shack and antennas back together from our move last year to TN. Only have a 3 element beam for 6m up at 18' behind the shed. No rotor so made several trips out to the shed to turn the beam via the armstrong method! No time to operate Saturday. Poor conditions Sunday, so poked around for FFMA and VUCC needed grids. Called CQ on CW and phone occasionally. Only heard K5AM CQing on CW, but never heard me call. Hopefully next year I'll have things back together for 6m and also have the full weekend to play. 73 Gene, N9TF Clarksville TN. EM66IJ
NE1BSingle Op AllPoor 6 meter conditions in the Northeast. Better multi-hop Es before and after the contest. In general, Saturday Es were better than Sunday. Similar on 2 meters, minimal tropo. Lots of confusion at the contest start getting operators to switch to Contest mode on digital. Conflict between DXers and Contesters as usual on digital mode. I suggest separate Contest Frequencies be published and promoted with WSJT
NJ4QSingle Op 6MPretty poor band conditions. A small opening to 0 land but that was about it. de NJ4Q in VA
NR0QSingle Op 6MHad a lot of fun, this was my first CQ contest in a number of years. The band wasn't that great but made a good effort of what prop I did have
NV4CSingle Op 6MHorrible band conditions on 6m this weekend, but still had fun operating. A bit disappointed I didn't hear a singe CW signal at my QTH
OK4DJSingle Op 2MTRX Yaesu FT-991A ANT OK5IM 4el Yagi ASL 6m AGL 756m PWR 50W Activated GMA summit OL/VY-234 KOCIHO KOPEC
PY2QBSingle Op 2MToo
PY2WOTSingle Op All73 py2wot
S56PSingle Op 2MVy nice contest as always! 73's
SM7ISingle Op 2MIt used to be more activity on CW and Phone BITD
SV1NZXSingle Op 6MFun to be back in this VHF contest, new squares worked, old friends seen, equip used was a 4el EF0604 and 897/100w. FT8 was the dominant mode, although people tried to be active on SSB and CW, there just wasn't enough interest. JA and Pacific was seen/worked mid-day EU but also Asian stations (YB, VU) were heard and worked well into the late EU afternoon of the 17th. Around 1700z, TEP conditions came up, meaning that V5 and ZS were heard and worked from a few, including me. This, however, also signaled a shutdown of sporadic-E conditions for the rest of the evening.. Glad to have taken part, will be looking to next year :)
TA3EMulti-OpTNX 73/88
TG9AJRSingle Op 6MFirst time in the CQWW VHF on FT8 started using JTDX realize that almost everyone were using WSJTX so I switched
TM7BSingle Op 6MBad condx are better than no condx ! The result didn't justify the efforts of setting up a portable station, staying overnight in a car TS-590SG + PA / 120W / 5-ele / 1260m-4130ft asl
VA2VTSingle Op QRPAfter winning the Hilltopper category last year (with my old callsign VE2NCG) I went to the same mountain in FN45 with the goal to beat my score of last year, not only I beat it, I have make twice as much... The contest was slow to start this year with 6m closed exept for 2 mexicans stations and I was lucky to contact one of them, after working the ususals locals, 6m was begining to open and lots of qso's were done. When at the same spot on sunday but nothing really on 6 but I was able to work FN20 and FN31 on 2m, quite a feat with my 10w, so I have finished the contest quite burned but happy with 7735 pts, hope this is enough to win this year too! VA2VT

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