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VA3OGG/RRoverROOKIE - First licensed in Oct 2019
VA7OTC/RRoverGlad I got out. After a fun run of locals from a favourite high point in the Victoria area, I drove north to Mt. Prevost. Amazing elevated horizon. Though 50 MHz was but a dipole atop the drive-on mast, in the late afternoon / early evening we had an opening to California. My first time to work such distant grid squares. Sunday was almost a bust, however one operator was on from Vancouver & that netted me not only contacts on each band, it also gave me the chance to actually operate from another grid, as a Rover. whew
VE2BAPSingle Op AllI operated from a mountain top at 520 meters (1710 feet) of elevation, with this equipment: 50 MHz: 100 watts, 2-element homemade HB9CV horizontal antenna 144 MHz: 50 watts, 5 element horizontal yagi antenna It was my first experience from this site, and I really enjoyed! I am planning to participate to September VHF contest from this site, with a better setup. Daniel VE2BAP
VE2OTASingle Op AllFirst WW VHF for me
VE3CYXSingle Op AllFirst licence April 2021
VE3ETESingle Op AllManitoulin ARC
VE3IQZSingle Op AllI set up in a great (1200 high foot hill) location where I could see for miles, unobstructed. Started calling CQ on 6 and 2 at 1800z. The first contact, on 50.149 MHz, was 21 minutes into the contest. My second and only station contacted on 144.200 MHz at 1847z was a local and I was his first 2 metre contact. Scanning the bands soon explained why the bands were empty, all the activity was located on the FT8 digital frequencies on 6 and 2. After 2 hours and only 4 stations in the log, I quit. In my 40 years of VHF and UHF contesting,Ft8 this is the worst results, ever, for the effort put into any contest. FT8 and digital has killed SSB and CW VHF activity. Eliminate the digital computer modes and get back to REAL RADIO and REAL people doing the work before we have our frequencies taken away by commercial interests due to our lack of use. Amateur Radio Signal Searching Electronic Software, ARSSES, is killing REAL VHF Amateur Radio
VE3LDE/RRoverROOKIE/first licence 11/2020
VE3LFSSingle Op AllAll FT8 contacts
VE3NRTSingle Op AllFun to work some new ones
W0ETT/RRoverOn trip home, I operated for hours as 6m rover across Wyoming (north to south in DN64, DN74, DN73, DN63, DN62, DN72, DN71) and made only 8 contacts six of which were in Texas. Crossed into CO and made 3 more. So, guess the dearth of Sporadic Es was payback for having too much fun in the ARRL June VHF test. - Its time to pick another date for the CQ WW VHF test - how about the week after the ARRL vhf test? W0ETT/Rover
W0RICSingle Op 6MBetter conditions in 2022 then 2021. Thanks for all the Q's. Fun weekend
W1AKISingle Op 6MThis was my first VHF contest operating from my own shack, vs. a few QSOs on Field Day. I had a logging problem and I might have lost a QSO before the first one reported here. Antenna was a homebrew Moxon based on that in an ARRL book by Bruce Walker, N3JO Antenna was only about 14 feet above ground
W2CSSingle Op 6MPoor man's entry. K4D barefoot loading up a 40 meter dipole 50' high. Thanks for everyone's patience working me
W2QLSingle Op QRPThanks to those who heard my 5 w signal from 3 ele in spare bedroom AGL ~ 30 feet!
W3DHJ/RRoverDisappointing propagation Disappointing participation Risk of heat prostration Worst CQ WW VHF score by half in over 16 years
W4IUSingle Op AllHad fun but the vast majority of activity was on FT8. I already spend too much time on the computer for work. Suggest rule change to allow points for multiple modes between same contacts. I.e. 1 pt FT8 + 2 pts Ph + 3 pts for CW or some variation on that theme. It would promote activity on other modes aside from FT8... and that dangly thing on the front of the transceiver (MIC) might get some use :-)
W4NZSingle Op AllFlex 6600m 100w to 6m EDZ at 50 ft 73, Ted W4NZ
W4VICSingle Op 6MThanks for the Qs. 73, Vic W4VIC
W5UHQSingle Op QRPFuture contests should provide more information for Using the 'WW' flag on WSJT-X which is likely the most widely used digital program for this contest. Based on my results only about 10% of stations used that special flag. Many QSOs got hung up with stations trying to use either standard FT8 exchanges or FD mode. Without those sub-modes being set many qsos get hung up from the other station waiting for a signal report. This adds to clutter on bands. Also no suggested frequencies outside of the normal FT4 or FT8 were listed resulting in over clutter on the suggested normal digital frequencies
W7EWSingle Op AllIt is very bad sign that when the propagation is so bad you don't need a dupe checker
W8GJKSingle Op 6MCasual op from Saturday evening thru Sunday
WA0LIFSingle Op AllBands were dead
WA1LBKSingle Op AllFirst time operating the CQ WW VHF would like to see the higher bands (222, 432, 902, 1296, etc.) included as well
WA2FGKSingle Op 6MLast contest after 60 years with WA2FGK. QTH will be sold
WA3EOQSingle Op 2MAnother FT8 contest
WA5KBHSingle Op 6MThis annual 'test gives me the chance to work stations I have not had the opportunity to work since last contest! Thank you for this pleasurable event
WA5LFDSingle Op AllFor CW/SSB entrants, the inclusion of digital modes skews the results to make a non- digital entry meaningless. Consider the ARRL solution by differing the entry classifications to either analog/digital. This will give us all room to compete. The contest for me has always been about weak signal operating, using many six meter prop modes. Thanks, Rich WA5LFD
WA8ZIDSingle Op 6MOne new grid in the mix. Better band conditions just before start, then mostly locals
WB0IXISingle Op 2MI bailed out after 2 contacts. A review of the spots showed 96% of the US contacts being made by FT-8. Some of their signals were so strong that we could have easily worked on SSB. The FT-8 crowd would have gotten more contacts and done so more rapidly had they switched to voice for a while. This contest is the 'CQ VHF FT-8 Robot Contest', the dumbed down version of what it used to be. With FT-8, no human skill is required
WB4EHGSingle Op 6MPropagation stayed with us here in So FL but it faded in & out 3 times
WB8WUASingle Op AllI had fun. There was a good short opening path to Florida and (a lesser extent) toward MS and MN on six meters predominately using phone (ssb) mode on Saturday afternoon. Unfortunately, the 2 Meter band was dead, except that I had a fun ssb QSO to Ravenna. Thanks for this good contest
WR7AYSingle Op 6MSome bad propagation
XE2NLMulti-OpIt was a great adventure waiting for opening band
XM3AHilltopperI`ve operated from the top of Mt. McLean, Manitoulin Island, Lake Huron. Elevation 360 meters above sea level, GRID EN95ax. 73, Igor XM3A, also VE3ZF
YB2ECGSingle Op AllThis is my first CQ-WW-VHF contest
YC3PHRSingle Op QRPJULI 2022
YD3DBGSingle Op 2MCQ WW VHF Tahun 2022
YE3DFBSingle Op AllJULI 2022
YF3GDESingle Op QRPJULI 2022
YG3CMSSingle Op QRPSee you agn on next years
YL7XMulti-OpTwo VHF rockies made their first steps on 2m band. Thunderstorms in area and poor propagation on 6m did not help much. Anyway we are happy to set Latvian Multi Op record and activate very rare square on VHF KO07 for the CQWW VHF contest. 6m - 4el @12m 100w FTDX10 2m - 6el @14m 100w TS2000
YO3JWSingle Op 6MTNX QSOs !
YU5RSingle Op 6MFLEX 6600 + 7 el YAGI @ 17m

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