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4S7JL/RRoverGood time. Had a lot of fun. 2015 only two grids, this time I activate four grids.
9H1AESingle Op 6MMany thanks for nice contest, 8th floor vertical & 100W.
AC4GSingle Op 6MLots of QSB to deal with.
AI4WLSingle Op 6MOnly 2 short openings here, one each afternoon.
CT7AIXSingle Op AllMy first CQ WW VHF. 73
E70AAHilltopperOperated for less than 6 hours in the tophiller category from the nearby mountain, elevation 1300+M Had mechanical problem with my 2m antennas, so operated only 6m. The setup: battery-powered ft-817nd and 6m moxon. The north was completely closed, but there were a few openings to the south. Worked a number of stations from the Mediterranean sea area and truly enjoyed the contest
GW6KLQChecklogOnly had chance to work one station, but many heard
I4JEESingle Op 6MNo gd propagation - short skep - italy out the range of eu work stations. Very poor condition - but always a gd contest and good oraganization staff
IK7LMXChecklogNice Es across the Europe, but no many time to stay in radio (today is my birthday too)
JA0NFPSingle Op 6MI enjoyed the contest
K1AUSSingle Op 6MOnly heard one station on USB and they faded out before i could get their callsign. Only one contact completed using FT-8. N1MM+ dosen't seem to have any capablity to enter which digital mode is used
K1ZKHilltopperThis was my first time atop Mount Equinox - Fantastic!
K3MECChecklogHad fun thanks to w8zn terry's effort. Now good antenna above the trees and ridgeline at 2350'. No digital, about 1/2 CW and 1/2 SSB
K3TWSingle Op QRPBand conditions were average for QRP
K5XUSingle Op 6MNeeded to find one more station in order to make 50 contacts, but no #50 was to be found
K6CSLSingle Op 6MVery rough challenge. Hope for better conditions next year
K7JANSingle Op 6MSparce but still great time
K9JK/RRoverOp'd from 4 grids in il on saturday (about 4.5 hours with a little bit of drive time) & returned to those same 4 grids on Sunday for another three hours. 70 qs/55 ms on Saturday and 39 qs/27 ms on Sunday but, since Sunday's operating was from the same grids as Saturday's operating, only 7 of Sunday's 27 ms were 'new' over Saturday's ms - 109 qs/62 ms total. It was great to contact W9RM on 50 mhz from all 4 of the grids I visited and K5QE and NR7T from three of the grids I visited. Five local stations were contacted from all 4 of the grids on both 50 & 144 mhz. Activity seemed lower than recent years but i still enjoyed the time I was able to operate. Thanks to all who were on and participated and to contest director Steve, N8BJQ, for all of his hard work to manage and support the CQ WW VHF contest and keep it going
KA9VDUHilltopperI operated out of a pole barn shed with a vintage Yaesu FT-620b 6 meter mono band radio at 10 watts to a speaker wire dipole at 8 feet off the ground in the yard. Signals were fantastic!
KB0ZOMSingle Op AllWhere's all the 2M activity? How about a designated FT8 etc calling frequency like 6M. Also, lets use the calling frequencies. Not everyone has a band scope. Getting beam direction, time and frequency to line up at random is difficult with signals at the noise floor
KC4PXSingle Op AllActivity made a significant improvement when digital FT8 mode was released just prior to the contest. I encourage CQ to align with ARRL to end the contest at 0259z Monday and not 2100z on Sunday. Most enjoyable contact was working grid DO20 from EL98 on FT8 mode
KD7WPJHilltopperI operated from mt. Hoffmann in Yosemite national park. Grid locator - DM07fu. Elevation - 3307m. It was the first time activation of this summit for the program summit of the air (SOTA). SOTA reference - W6/NS-035
KE0TTSingle Op QRPK3/10 at 5 watts to an 88' dipole up about 40' . A couple of openings, but most of the time 6M was silent here in EN34. K4BAI, john, thanks for the QSO, always enjoy hearing you on. Thanks to all of you who copied my QRP. C U next time. 73
KG7HQHilltopperOperated three plus hours from Chuckanut Mountain, Larabee State Sark, WA.(CN88sp46) @ 1998 ft above sea level. EQUIPMENT: FT-857D @ 5W, PBOX 21AH battery, 2 element 6m yagi (Buddibeam), 4 element 2m yagi (Cushcraft) single mast mounted @ 15 ft. Modes used: A1A & J3E. Station deployed and operational within 15 minutes of arriving on site. The 5 watt limitation provided some frustration in that 6 meters opened to the southeast but stations could hear the weak transmission. Local contact challenges were additionally difficult but when using mixed mode (cw xmit/ssb rec) i was able to gain an additional four stations. Public exposure to amateur radio was gained by answering questions of passer-by's and handing out business cards to those who showed interest in the hobby. This made for a nice exposure event. 73 DE Michael
KK6NWJSingle Op 6MI had some equipment problems and only made one completed call on 50
KN4YSingle Op 6MSlow time between contacts
KO9ASingle Op 6MSaturday and FT8 during big Es - great! Sunday and FT8 during MS - not so good!
KX7LSingle Op AllA nice Es opening to the east was a great way to start the contest! Looks like FT8 is the new kid in town - saw more activity on 50.313 than on SSB at times. Now if the contest software would just support the new mode a little more conveniently. Thanks for all the QSO's!
N0JKHilltopperS/O Hilltopper with old MFJ-9406 and whip. About a basic a 6M station you can get. W7GJ said "you are pounding in here!" heard some W4s on 2M Es 7-16 at 0122z. Nice to see XE activity
N2OASingle Op AllI'd like to see this contest run until 03:00 UTC
N4HWHSingle Op 6MContested at Carolina Beach area. Very few contacts at zero feet elevation
N4PNSingle Op 6MOnly two hours but don't think it would have made much dif - condx have again been very bad
N4QWZSingle Op 2MNice opening to the northeast. Not many stations on. Worked K2LIM - 660 miles, VE3YCU - 608 miles, W3SO - 535 miles, WA2FGK - 680 miles
N6KLSingle Op 6MWhile visiting family in Wyoming, it was fun to work a few contacts from the mobile with just the vertical whip and the FT-991 from the driveway from there in DN72
N6QQSingle Op 6MNever seen a new mode (ft8) grow so fast
N6RPMMulti-OpContest was enjoyable with loads of activity especially on 6 meters! Hope this contest spurs more stations out here on the west coast to get on the air!!
N6ZE/7Single Op AllClassic ops: used ssb, but seems I need to modernize with FT8!!! Nice to have some 6M Es this time. Worked 1 new grid on 2M and several on 6M from my northern part time QTH. Rig: FT991, Cushcraft 7 element 2M yagi and ancient Lunenberg hipar 3 element hilltopper for six meters. My CN87tw QTJ overlooks the Puget Sound from an elevation of 500 ft. Unlike most other entrants, i wore a heavy shirt most of the time due to 60 degrees f and some wind. A far cry from Las Vegas at 116F
N8TFDSingle Op 6MYes, EN86 was active ... Was happy to give out some ATNOS
NH7RO/W5Single Op AllEquipment and antennas used: Elecraft K3/100 + KPA500 amp + M2 ho loop, traffie 6m hexbeam, homebrewed double h bay for 6m, Icom 746 + elk lpda for 2m. Conditions were fairly good for 6m both days but Saturday was the busier of the two here in EL18. Was fun to hear and work so many stations still using SSB as I have no intentions or desire to rush off to computer-to-computer digital mode "qsos." Long live traditional modes---especially on six meters---my favorite band! 73, Jeff
R6CSSingle Op 2MMy setup: 144- ANT 4X15EL. H-POL. LNA-23DB. POWER-500W. TRSV- IC970D
SM4GGCSingle Op 2MNice contest! I was participated for my first time and was expected to work some MS and EME qso and no more. The aurora did change the conditions and with perfect timing when moon was in 1 degrees elevation did the aurora start, so I am more than satisfied with this contest. Very fun!
UT1ZZ/AHilltopperI'm work from portable condition KN48bp - only hand TYT UV8000d and RH770 antenna
VA2LGQMulti-OpGreat contest...good opening on 6 on Saturday night
VE3DSSingle Op AllHad some fun with digital this year FT8 was interesting on Es
VE3JAR/RRoverI met Vic VE3JAR a month ago, and looked him up on qrz.com. Discovered that he has a lot of experience as a rover HF and 6 in grids EN48, EN58 and surrounding grids so offered him an opportunity to travel in the VE3CRU Rovermobile using his call. He graciously accepted. Started in grid FN04xa, a farm well used by rovers at 720 fasl. Conditions were poor, calls were not plentiful so we moved ahead of schedule to FN13ax at 280 fasl near the waters' edge of Lake Ontario. Got nothing on 6 and about the same total as before. Next, moved to FN14ba but could not locate in the usual sweet spot due to heavy rains making the last 100 feet very treacherous, chance of getting stuck in the mud. Backed up and drove into a nearby farmers field as the crop had been recently taken off, hay. Conditions on 6 were looking better and Vic was really on a roll, with all but 2 being in the EM grids. 2 was improving with 3 more qso's than in FN13. The excitement was building. Last qso was 0015z. Moved to FN03vx, not the best site but the one closest to home. Made first contact at 0055. Then, without warning, the unexpected happened. Unreal!!! At 0100z approx I heard a ragchew in progress, noting that the loudest had a strong accent. Very puzzled, I had to know where this originated from. Patiently waited but no ID given, so I took the bull by the horns and broke into the qso. Gave my location and both were in shock. I heard their chatter, and both copied me well. The other ham was heard to say - that call is in Canada. My caller could not believe it, kept asking me where I was I kept repeating my grid, then Cobourg Ontario about 60 miles east of Toronto. Now read this. Rotator bearing: 240 degrees. Mode used: SSB. Call given: W5CVE. Location given: Oklahoma. Grid given: EM14. Frequency: 144.225. Distance: approx 2000 km. Using Icom 910H to rear 9 elmts (minus removed trigonal reflector) of a CC 4218xl Boomer at 11 feet above the ground. Mean elevation was about 500 fasl. Feedline was 25' of RG8X not usual RG213. Made 2 more qso's and headed for home. Vic btw pushed so hard for qso's he developed laryngitis having to repeat so many times with weak signals, using my old 756 ProII into a hamstick on the roof. Sunday, off to the very popular Hagersville grid corners at s-e corner of FN03aa etc. WX promised rain later. Can run in all grids in a 3 km radius of center, sweet. Arrived in EN93xa at 1300z. 6 was totally dead, but 2 was okay with a lucky 13 qso's. Then went to FN02ax got 7 qso's. Now moving to EN92xx to get another 7 qso's including 2 with VE3ZV in EN92vw including 6, loud! Last move, to FN03aa saw 7 qso's including 2 to VE3ZV again. Barely missed the rain, by 3 km. DX includes K1TEO x 5 east, K8GP x 5 on 2 south, EL87 south,many in EM grids. Thanks to our sponsor CQ, to Steve Bolia and staff supporting the contest, and to all who participated plus those who patiently held on with us till a qso was made. You made our weekend great!!!VE3JAR/R
W0BLSingle Op 6MBest contest conditions in many years
W0YJTSingle Op AllNot many band opening here
W1NNSingle Op 6MUsed a 40 meter dipole
W1WBBSingle Op 6MMissed most of day 1. Light, sporadic 6m opening to midwest at 2330z. In/out thru 0145z, few callers SSB or CW. New grid em49 - tnx W9OSI. No opening heard day 2
W2KV/2Single Op 2MWorking portable from Ship Bottom, NJ on Long Beach Island (NA-111). Rig: ft-847 and mirage 160w brick. Ant: single loop at 35 feet


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