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7E3EMulti-OpCQ WW VHF 2021- GL 73 DE 7E3E - suami istri yang selalu setia di AMATIR RADIO
7L4IOUSingle Op 6MThanks for the wonderful contest! I enjoyed it very much. used IC-7100 (100w), 3el Yagi, WSJT-X v2.5.0-rc2
AC4GSingle Op 6MLots of QSOs by the wayside and not completed
AC9EZSingle Op AllMy 6m yagi was down, so I could only get on 6m with my doublet antenna and tuner. Even though I wasn't able to operate a lot, the opening Saturday night was terrific! Canada was booming in, and I actually heard more cw activity than ssb! Thanks for the contacts all. 73 de Jim ac9ez
AF7GLSingle Op 2MNice outing. Elevation ~6800 feet. Fighting with mosquitoes and other flying insects. Most Qs are on 5W into 9el, but had to raise later to catch people not pointing towards me. Thus not Hiltopper. Thanks all!
AI6DOSingle Op AllWhere was everybody? Activity was much lighter than the ARRL June VHF contest. 2 meters was a ghost town. I worked more SOTA activators than contesters on 2 meters FM, and worked everyone I heard on 2 meters SSB: a whopping total of one. On 6 meters, I went down to CW and SSB on the top and bottom of the hour several times and never found anyone. A couple of times I was tempted to abandon this contest for NAQP RTTY but decided to stick with it and ended up going down with the sinking ship. 6m inverted-vee dipole broadside east, KX3/KXPA100 @ 50W 2m/70cm Elk log periodic horizontal, FT-857D @ 50W 2m/1.25cm/70cm mobile whip with ground plane, FT-8800D @ 50W
AJ6TSingle Op 6MSix meter Es propagation was only fair, but I did reach one European QSO with SM4CSK on FT8. Wish there were more SSB activity like in the old days. I don't have a 2 meter antenna up right now, so this was just a casual effort on 6 meters
AJ6XHilltopper2m Arrow Yagi
BG2KAJ/RRoverFirst time operate as Rover, Really a hot day but very happy to take part in the contest. Very good 6m SSB pile-up for me, Very exciting
BH6KWCSingle Op 6MAdd some frequency of digi for contest i hope. Add a FT8/FT4 contest mode for JTDX i hope. Standardize the contest call template
DH6DAOSingle Op 6MHappy abt 4 new grid: LL16, FM27, FM17+EN63
DK2OYSingle Op 6Mit will be better to use for digi modes like FT8 another frequency than 'normal' users do. A lot of users are not informed, that no report is needed. The RSGB is doint this
DL7BCSingle Op 6Mhere only SSB. The contest rules are discouraging participants who just want to do CW or SSB, and do CQWW HF contests are split into CW, SSB and Digimodes, why not make 3 entrant classes for the different modes also in the VHF leg?
DO1FDKSingle Op QRPEquipment: Using the IC 705 (10W) with a 3 element yagi & a dipol on 6m and a 5 element yagi on 2m. Conditions: There were two contests in parallel on July In general, the activity was rather low, especially on 2m. At the DARC VHF contest two weeks ago, the band was filled with big contest stations working at high altitude - none of them were present this weekend
DU9CASingle Op AllSee next contest
EA3AYQSingle Op 6MTx-RX Yaesu FTdx101mp -- 100w / Ant. Cubica 4 elements
EA8AQVSingle Op 6MYaesu FT-897D Cubex Queen Bee II 70 watt
EB8ACSingle Op AllKenwood TS-2000DSP, antenas Verticales V-2000 y Kum 480
EM8ASingle Op 2MThank you for the nice Contest! See you next year! 73!
F4GFTSingle Op 6MNice 6m opening, even SSB was possible
F6UGWSingle Op 6MNice contest with my ground plane !
G1EMulti-OpFirst contest outing for the Amateur Radio Sussex group
GW4OKTSingle Op 6MNot great condx, but very enjoyable
HA4BFSingle Op 2MFT-857D+SR200 6el ultralight yagi
I1JTQSingle Op AllFrom the italian Alps at 4300 feet asl
IK1JJMSingle Op 6MMy first experience contest on 6mt, not having dedicated antennas I used the th7dx with the tuner of the k3. For the next edition I will equip myself. 73 Sergio
IK7LMXSingle Op AllAll traffic was on 50313...see you next year
IT9BNXSingle Op 6Mbella competizione 73
IT9CKASingle Op 6MPropagazione poca o assente, Contest molto bello, buona presenza in Europa, solo 100Watt Antenna Quagi 50mhz e Kenwood TS-2000
IT9MBZ/IT9Single Op 6MFew time and antenna (fishing pole) aren't better conditions to have good results. Anyway, I had fun the same
IZ2OOSSingle Op QRPAnt Omniangle by Parelectronics, Rig MFJ-9406 without CW adapter fine E-sporadic for QRP, not having a CW transceiver, 50% of all contacts made using audio CW from speaker to the mike! No Cluster, no CAT, only analog VFO!
JA1CRJSingle Op 6MThank you for 6m DX QSO! See you next contest 73!
JA1KPFSingle Op QRPRadio: YAESU FT-817ND Antenna: Mobile Whip
JA1RRASingle Op 2MI enjoyed the contest
JA3RAZSingle Op 6MI enjoyed the contest
JA6WFMSingle Op 6MIC-7600 7ele Yagi
JA7WXLSingle Op 6MIt is the first participation
JE1ILPSingle Op QRPUsing IC-7300S 10W output and LW antenna
JE8UHYSingle Op 6MYAESU FT-891 MobileWhipANT
JF1RYUSingle Op 2MI enjoyed the contest
JF2FIUSingle Op 6MThank you all stations!
JG2KGSSingle Op 6MI enjoyed the contest
JH1VIXSingle Op AllI enjoyed the contest. Thank You
JH7UJUSingle Op QRPFT-817ND, 5watts. Yagi
JH9DRLSingle Op 6MTS-990S 200W 5ele delta loop Since 50.313MHz is the QRM for digital QSO, I
JJ1ONKSingle Op 6MI enjoyed the contest
JK2TTPSingle Op 6M12 QSO,12 multi
JN1OKVSingle Op QRPI enjoyed the contest
JR0QFASingle Op 6MI participated for the first time


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