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#CallYearCategoryScore  QSOs  Mults  QTHGridOperator(s) Cert
101K9OM2020Single Op 6M15,200156  100  W‑WI  EN65   
102W0GJ2020Single Op 6M15,088166  92  W‑IA  EN43   
103KI4US2020Single Op All15,015158  91  W‑GA  EM72   
104VE3SST2020Single Op All14,931153  79  VE‑ON  FN03   
105W0JW2020Single Op 6M14,805148  105  W‑IA  EN31   
106K7ULS2020Single Op All14,685151  89  W‑UT  DN41   
107WB2FKO2020Single Op 6M14,602156  98  W‑FL  EL89   
108UT8AL2020Single Op QRP14,553124  77  UR  KO61   
109KY7M2020Single Op 6M14,529168  87  W‑AZ  DM33   
110CM2RSV2020Single Op 6M14,507170  89  CM  EL83   
111YL1ZF2020Single Op 6M14,504151  98  YL  KO27   
112K0NR2020Single Op All14,400149  90  W‑CO  DM78   
113E27AAA2020Multi-Op14,250375  19  HS  OK04  E27AAA E27AFE E27GIG E29VTH ...
114KY4G2020Single Op All14,181136  87  W‑AL  EM64   
115N0GZ2020Single Op 6M13,916149  98  W‑IA  EN31   
116N0UR2020Single Op QRP13,912144  94  W‑MN  EN33   
117N7IR2020Single Op All13,706154  77  W‑AZ  DM43   
118KK4BZ/R2020Rover13,706119  77  W‑VA  FM08 FM09 FM18 ...   
119NA9RB2020Single Op 6M13,650154  91  W‑IL  EN40   
120KK4MA2020Single Op All13,468140  91  W‑SC  EM92   
121KF0M2020Single Op 6M13,440143  96  W‑KS  EM17   
122KC7RW2020Single Op All13,376140  76  W‑GA  EM73   
123N2OA2020Single Op All13,345129  85  W‑NY  FN03   
1249A6A2020Single Op 6M13,261152  89  9A  JN83   
125VE5UF2020Single Op 6M13,224154  87  VE‑SK  DO62   
126K6RO2020Single Op All13,209208  51  W‑CA  DM03   
127W4KXY2020Single Op All13,172144  74  W‑GA  EM74   
128IR9K2020Multi-Op13,072139  76  I  JM68  IT9DSZ IT9HLC IT9KXK IT9YMM ...
129K5ND/R2020Rover12,874130  82  W‑TX  EM03 EM24   
130W0VTT2020Single Op All12,530118  70  W‑MN  EN33   
131WR5AY2020Single Op All12,474144  81  W‑TX  EM12   
132AA1ON2020Single Op 6M12,250177  70  W‑MA  FN42   
133KF8QL2020Single Op All12,240122  80  W‑MI  EN72   
134XE2CQ2020Single Op All12,006174  58  XE  DM12   
135AG4W2020Single Op All11,988163  74  W‑AL  EM64   
136NC1CC2020Single Op All11,900155  68  W‑RI  FN41  WA1BXY
137KM4HI2020Single Op 6M11,850155  79  W‑FL  EL89   
138W3RFC2020Multi-Op11,773140  61  W‑MD  FM19  W3RFC K3OQ WA3OFF
139UW3E2020Multi-Op11,760132  84  UR  KN78  UR7EL UT5EA UR3EZ
140KG5THG2020Single Op 6M11,684134  92  W‑TX  EM02   
141N0AN2020Single Op 6M11,528131  88  W‑IA  EN22   
142UX3IW2020Single Op All11,524134  86  UR  KN88   
143W9YOY/R2020Rover11,28899  68  W‑IL  EN50 EN51 EN52 ...   
144NE1B2020Multi-Op11,284161  62  W‑NH  FN42  NE1B WA2IYO
145K9NW2020Single Op 6M11,242149  77  W‑OH  EM79   
146W1RM2020Single Op All11,072180  64  W‑CT  FN31   
147KS0AA2020Single Op 6M10,922138  86  W‑KS  EM28   
148KA0UNB2020Single Op 6M10,920136  84  W‑NE  EN11   
149N3XF2020Single Op All10,440140  72  W‑PA  FN00   
150US4IEK2020Single Op 2M10,384118  44  UR  KN87   
151K6JO/R2020Rover10,380149  60  W‑CA  DM12 DM13 DM14 ...  K6JO W6MFJ
1529A5G2020Multi-Op10,250136  41  9A  JN75  9A1AR 9A2VX 9A3IM
153K3MD2020Single Op All10,206135  63  W‑PA  FN10   
154N6GP/R2020Rover10,192145  56  W‑CA  DM03 DM04 DM12 ...   
155AL1VE2020Single Op 6M10,164129  84  W‑OR  DN02   
156N2DXT/R2020Rover10,152134  47  W‑NJ  FN20 FN21 FN30 ...   
157W4TM2020Single Op All10,143121  69  W‑GA  EM73   
158WA9TT2020Single Op 6M10,000132  80  W‑WI  EN54   
159AA5PR/R2020Rover9,960118  83  W‑NM  DM63 DM76   
160N7EPD2020Single Op All9,900171  45  W‑WA  CN87   
161K0AWU2020Single Op All9,880113  76  W‑MN  EN37   
162UY5ON2020Single Op All9,840118  80  UR  KN89   
163DK2OY2020Single Op 6M9,768135  74  DL  JO44   
164K0SIX2020Single Op 6M9,750132  75  W‑MN  EN35   
165K4MY2020Single Op All9,656124  71  W‑GA  EM74   
166UV7E2020Single Op 6M9,652131  76  UR  KN77   
167W0XR2020Single Op 6M9,375129  75  W‑CO  DN60   
168WB6AGE/R2020Rover9,352160  56  W‑WA  CN85 CN86   
169KA2K2020Single Op 6M9,348166  57  W‑NJ  FM29   
170WN0L2020Single Op 6M9,280122  80  W‑NE  EN11   
171W8KHP2020Single Op All9,246101  69  W‑KY  EM79   
172K1WTK2020Single Op 6M9,126117  78  W‑FL  EL87   
173KC0FGX2020Single Op 6M9,125127  73  W‑MO  EN30   
174TA7OM2020Single Op 6M9,075121  75  TA  KN80   
175WK9U2020Single Op 6M9,040119  80  W‑WI  EN65   
176ON6NL2020Single Op 6M9,039134  69  ON  JO21   
177KD0NEO2020Single Op 6M8,970123  78  W‑MO  EM48   
178N8UR2020Single Op 6M8,881113  83  W‑MI  EN75   
179N4TB2020Single Op 6M8,784125  72  W‑FL  EL97   
180W8KEN2020Single Op 6M8,772132  68  W‑OH  EN91   
181N2IPH2020Single Op All8,772135  51  W‑NJ  FM29   
182N5TJ2020Single Op 6M8,640113  80  W‑TX  EM13   
183K2IW2020Single Op All8,576113  64  W‑NY  FN33   
184K0BJ2020Single Op All8,475119  75  W‑KS  DM99   
185NN5T2020Single Op 6M8,442132  67  W‑TX  EM12   
186HA6NL2020Single Op 6M8,424114  78  HA  JN98   
187VE6BBP2020Single Op 6M8,260121  70  VE‑AB  DO43   
188UT2QQ2020Single Op All8,249103  73  UR  KN77   
189HS7AP2020Multi-Op8,224257  16  HS  NK92  E24ETS E24YEJ E25KGF E25CVD ...
190VE5MX2020Single Op 6M8,125127  65  VE‑SK  DN89   
191KB7ME2020Single Op All8,100146  50  W‑WA  CN85   
192W5KI2020Single Op 6M8,034106  78  W‑AR  EM36   
193K5ZG2020Single Op All7,920113  66  W‑CO  DM88   
194K2ZD2020Single Op 6M7,888122  68  W‑NY  FN21   
195HA0NAR2020Single Op 6M7,663104  79  HA  KN07   
196K4ELI2020Single Op All7,656135  58  W‑GA  EM74   
197W3KM2020Single Op All7,645127  55  W‑PA  FN20   
198KU8E2020Single Op 6M7,625133  61  W‑GA  EM72   
199OH3RB2020Single Op 6M7,575102  75  OH  KP10   
200K7RE2020Single Op 6M7,548111  68  W‑SD  DN84   
1479 results found
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